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Low level & customizable CSS library 🚀

Modern & stunning CSS library to build simple static sites

Create fast, intuitive, & fully-customized website with platform agnostic design tokens, utility classes & minimal components

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Easy to get started

Download it, put the CSS link into HTML & it's done 🎉.

No need of complex JS config to build simple static sites.

Style agnostic & avoid vendor lock-in

Everything is customizable & you aren't strictly connected to an opinionated design styles.

Faster & seamless handoff experience

Design & build website faster, together. Get everyone in sync with JSON & Figma tokens file.

Built website your own way

The balance of utility classes, design tokens, & minimal components provides more freedom to build sites.

Built-in dark mode


Flexible & unopinionated

Developed with accessibility in mind

Low level CSS

Fully responsive by default

WCAG 2.1 compliant

Easily integrate with your favorite stacks

In-depth documentation

Take control of your files

Style agnostic

Avoid vendor lock-in

Customize sites in no time

Get started easily

Create less-complex static sites from scratch with utility classes, design tokens or minimal components, it's all your choice.

Download via GitHub repository

Manual download

Download Ravenbright CSS source code, copy the CSS into your directory, run npm install, run the server, customize the design & it's done 🎉.

Download the source code

No installation required

Use the CDN

Paste the CDN link into your HTML & your website got a new modern look 🚀

🌞 Ravenbright CSS (without dark mode)

🌞🌙 Ravenbright CSS (with dark mode)

HTML starter

Start the first project with the boilerplate

Use this HTML starter & open it on your browser to see the result 🎉


Install via npm then import things you need & remove the unused CSS with PostCSS

Ravenbright CSS provides CSS variables for each light & dark mode. Thus, you can combine or import them selectively.

🌞 Ravenbright CSS (without dark mode)

🌞🌙 Ravenbright CSS (with dark mode)


Integrate it with the tools you already familiar

Feature 2

Low level CSS & HTML starting point

Build stunning static websites without complex front-end build setup

Get started easily without CSS preprocessors or complicated setup. Quickly download the source code, run npm install, run the server, customize the web design & it's done 🎉.

Get started
									# initiliaze project
									npm init

									# install Ravenbright CSS
									npm install ravenbrightcss

									# change current directory
									cd node_modules/ravenbrightcss

									# install PostCSS & its plugins
									npm install

									# run the server & it's done 🎉.
									npm run dev

Feature 1

Modern & Style agnostic CSS library

Everything is customizable without opinionated design

Ravenbright CSS is a flexible CSS library. You can easily modify the components by using either design tokens, utility classes or creating your own classes.

Full control of your design decision

We don't dictate how you should design the website.

Read documentation

Using components from Kagerou - a free, customizable, modern & blazing fast link in bio HTML landing page sites templates

Feature 2

🤝 Design & build website faster, together

Faster & seamless design handoff with Figma Tokens

Ravenbright lets you have a better & smooth collaboration experience by getting everyone on the same page with JSON & Figma tokens JSON file.

Read Figma Tokens
Unsplash Image by @microsoft365 -

Minimal component examples

Discover FREE pre-built minimal & accessible components for your next static sites projects.

"Risus viverra adipiscing at in tellus. Id aliquet risus feugiat in ante. Convallis a cras semper auctor neque. Lectus urna duis convallis convallis tellus id interdum. Suspendisse sed nisi lacus sed viverra tellus in hac. ugue neque."

Earth picture from Unsplash -

Author name

Designer & developer

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Let's explore all the promising features

Free, flexible, & stunning CSS library to help you build simple static sites faster

Built in dark mode

Ravenbright CSS provide wide range of colors for the dark mode

Take control of your files

Combine or import the styles & components that you only need

Flexible & unopinionated

Use utility classes, CSS variables, or abstractions. The choice is up to you

Fully responsive by default

Use grid utility class or copy & paste components without media queries

Low level CSS

Ravenbright CSS offer readable low level utilities which lets you build unique static website

Built with accessibility in mind

Ravenbright CSS components & design tokens follow WCAG 2.1

Integrate with your tech stacks

Ravenbright currently offer 4 integrations to help you get started quickly in building sites

In-depth documentation

Learn utility classes, design tokens, & vanilla CSS with our growing documentation .

Free even for commercial usages

Ravenbright CSS codes are free to use & released under Apache license 2.0.

Supercharge your project workflow with Ravenbright UI collections

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Kagerou - white blue (link in bio templates built with Ravenbright CSS)

Clean, modern & blazing fast Product Designer Portfolio



Customizable, responsive & Low level CSS link in bio template



High quality, responsive & unique digital agency HTML template

🎨 Customizable & low level CSS library

Build stunning & modern websites without complex build setup

Create static sites for free

Free to use even for commercial usage with Apache License 2.0

CTA checklists

Built-in dark mode

CTA checklists

Compliant with WCAG 2.1

CTA checklists

Platform agnostic design tokens

CTA checklists

Composable with PostCSS

CTA checklists

Style agnostic & unopinionated

Made with Ravenbright CSS